There are many to-do systems, apps and tips. But most of them focus on planning tasks only. Very little is being said on executing plans let alone on improving them. Consequently, many people have “good” plans but struggle executing them. After a while they give up on planning and just get driven by others and deadlines.

Don’t expect you will have a perfect plan before you execute it for the first time.

The Plan-Do-Measure-Improve cycle presented in the following pages will help you to understand how you can improve in planning and executing your plans. It is a recipe for getting better and better.


The aim of the planning step is to eliminate as many unimportant tasks as possible and plan the tasks that need to be done. Learn more


Many plans fail due to poor execution. Here are some tips that show you common obstacles and what you can do about it. Learn more


Reviewing what you have achieved at the end of the day is the simplest form of “measuring” and can yet be extremely powerful. Learn more


Executing and measuring your plan will give you valuable tips on how good the plan was and what can be improved. Learn more

Putting it all together

Find some tools and templates that will support you putting all parts of the Plan-Do-Measure-Improve framework (PDMI) together. Learn more


The Plan-Do-Measure-Improve framework (PDMI) gives you tips and tools so you can analyse your own performance with the aim of improving on it. I have deliberately separated this from schedules and to-do systems as you can use it with any of those and even without having any to-do system.  


By Murat Uenlue, PhD, PMP, 2013.