When you follow the tips on our pages you may find you use 5-15 hours per week more productively than you currently do. The tips to re-energise will help to maintain high performance for a long time. However, over the months your batteries will flatten. And inevitably your productivity will start going down.

I have realised that after three to four months of this high productivity schedule I get more tired on weekend mornings and my body is more fatigued. So I have finally figured out that at least a week’s break every four months helps me to recharge my batteries.

Annual leave schemes are different in different countries (as I found out relocating from Europe to Australia), and I hope that your employer gives you appropriate times. On top of some short breaks, have at least one two or three week break a year. Many people reckon three weeks is what you need to fully recharge. Try and find out what is the right interval and length for you.

Media free day - once a fortnight or month try to have a media-free day. If you are exercising three to four times a week, have an exercise-free week once every three months.

The key message here is to have a break of the things that you often do. Try different activities and find out what are appropriate intervals and activities that recharge you. Make a conscious effort of recharging from high productivity times.

Use your year vacation to reflect on the previous months and year. Think what was good and where you want to steer towards in the next year or two. Do the exercise presented in the “Purpose & Motivation” pages.


~~~ Speed hump week ~~~

Annual leave is scarce in some countries. Should you not have enough leave, you can do a “speed hump week.” Every few months when you feel your energy is depleting, slow down a bit and relax your regime, Example of things you can do differently:

1Don’t go to the gym and don’t be strict with your diet.

2Take more time for your family. Go outdoors with them and just enjoy your time together.

3Just relax, don’t do any hobbies or any other commitments.

4If you tend to work overtime, don’t do it this week.

5On Friday go home early, sleep in on the weekend or go for a short weekend escape.

6Take up a a massage, spa or other wellness offering.

7Go for a nice breakfast or brunch and later for dinner on the weekend and a few times in the week.

8Have long enjoyable dinners with your partner and family.

The following week go back to your exercising and diet regime.