How do you feel when you wake up? Considering that you will have slept 13.5 years by the age of 40, it is just fair that you spend some time and consideration on doing it well and waking up like a god (rather than a rod)!


~~~ 8 Common sense tips for better sleep ~~~

Sleeping is as easy as …. what can you do wrong about it? A lot it seems! Here are some good tips on sleeping well:

1Have regular sleep patterns – Same times on weekdays. Find out what are the best times for you.

2If you have sleeping problems, don’t watch TV or use your iPad, or other electronic gadgets just before you go to bed. It doesn’t relax you and keeps your mind engaged.

3If you are worried about something, talk to family or friends before you go to bed. The effects are tremendous.

4Still anxious about issues? Think about why your mind brings them up. Appreciate the reasons and confirm to yourself that you will deal with them tomorrow.

5During the day expose yourself to natural light.

6Your bedroom should be of quiet, dark and cool. If required use ear plugs, you’ll get used quickly. Keep windows open, if possible.

7Avoid big meals, smoking, alcohol, caffeine and big fluid intake before going to sleep.

8Low blood sugar seems to affect some people’s sleep quality. If you are one of those, time your dinner accordingly, but do not gorge yourself, as that will make you sleep worse.


~~~ Sleeping exercises ~~~

Feeling awake in the morning – For a period of two weeks go to bed at the same time, but get up five minutes earlier each day. See when is the best time for you to get up. If you have to get up at a certain time, play around with the times you go to bed. This is a good exercise to find out when you are in light sleeping phase. This is the phase when it is the easiest to wake up.

Background: When we sleep we go through different sleeping phases. From light sleep to deep sleep. These phases last for around 1.5-2 hours, so called Ultradian cycles. Should your alarm wake you up in a deep sleep phase, it will be it harder to get up and may affect you the entire day.

Falling asleep – There are also applications for your mobile phone to ease falling asleep, but I am a bit skeptical about looking at a a screen before you go to sleep. If falling asleep remains a problem for you, it might be worth a try. Good exercising works best for me. Falling asleep after a good workout is a breeze and the sleep quality is amazing.

Apps to support sleep

Sleep Cycle – A good app that tracks your sleep quality and can wake you up at your lightest sleep phase. I have been using this for a long time and gained good insights.

Sleep – App to support falling asleep.

Sleep apps - Apps for your Android