Keep Energised at Work in 5 Simple Steps!

Do you struggle to keep energised at the work? Or are you tired when you come home? Regardless, if it is the infamous afternoon slump or being low on energy during a meeting, most people have energy dips at some point during the day.

Even if it’s “just” 30 mins a day, it adds up over the days, weeks and months! Using a simple tool you can claim that time back to finish your work earlier or invest it in doing more important tasks that will improve your career.

Here is a surprisingly simple tool that will help you uncover times that you are low on energy. It also supports you finding solutions.


Energy Tracker Exercise


1At eight random times of the day write down how you feel, what you are doing. Do this for a week.

Set an alarm as reminder. Most mobile phones these days have multiple alarms. Or just take notes at any time when you think it’s noteworthy.

Keep energised at work template 1


2 Once you have done this for a week, the task is to identify patterns.

Ask yourself:

  • Are there certain times in the day where I am more/less energised?
  • Which activities make me feel more/less energised?
  • How does my diet, rest, exercise affect my energy levels?

None of the insights you gain will be very surprising. You will have faced these situations many times before. However, this time you are capturing it systematically and with the intent of improving.


3 Use these insights to fill in the table below. Think about how to re-energise in time and write it into the right hand column.

Keep energised at work template 2


4 Once you know the time of your energy dips and the first signs leading up to them, plan to have a break before it happens. You are likely to have your breaks at similar times on most days. Should some of the strategies not work, try a different approach.


5 It is possible – and not even very difficult – to have no energy dips over the entire day. You can achieve more at work and enjoy your time at home better.

And finally: enjoy your additional time!


Start now!

Start now! Download our template. Fill out the first row with where you are right now, what you are doing, how energised you are. Then continue!

There is no benefit in waiting to start tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. Now is the best time!


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