TSM_PE_RestAndEnergyOnce you fall into an energy hole it is much more difficult to get up and running again. It is like falling on the ground. You have to get back up, treat your cuts and abrasions, dust off your clothes, reorient and get going again. It is much better to slow down briefly before you fall.

Quality breaks are the best method to do so. The first step will be to understand your own energy patterns and find out what works well for you. Once you know the right times and best ways to re-energise you will maintain high levels of energy throughout the day to work on your goals and plans.

Energy Tracker

Use our energy tracker to find out when you get de-energised. Then find something that re-energised you before you de-energise and make it a habit. Learn more

Quality breaks

Good breaks are about quality, not duration. Learn what a good break has to achieve to maintain high levels of energy throughout the day. Learn more


Sleep is the most important break of the day  and can kick-start your day. The quality of sleep can be improved following a few simple tips. Learn more


De-energising happens in a daily cycle but also in a longer cycle over months. Vacations and long weekends are good ways to recharge. Learn more