TSM_PE_ImproveEnergyTiredness, lack of energy and low or high blood sugar levels will affect everything you do, including your mood, make you more susceptible to stress and influence the quality of your time. You can plan your day in the best way, but if you lack energy not much will come from it. This is all common sense, and yet physical energy is rarely seen as a major contributor to good time or self-management.

Our work days are fast and furious. Think of them as eight hour marathons. You will require good physical condition to perform and endure the day at highest levels of productivity without dips in attention and concentration.

Three major contributors to high energy levels are a good diet, appropriate rest/sleep patterns and exercising. Most people accept having dips as normal and don’t realise that it can be avoided and that the time saved can be used for more rewarding things.

The importance of sleep on physical and mental performance has been acknowledged for a long time. The importance of healthy nutrition is also widely appreciated. A shift is happening in the appreciation of physical exercising on performance levels. Many recent studies confirm that regular physical exercise affects mental capabilities significantly.

The red curve shows typical energy levels throughout the day. The right nutrition, good exercise and quality sleep/rest can improve your energy levels at the three most prominent times of low energy, the morning, the afternoon slump and the evening. Being energised all day, as shown in the blue curve, is achievable by establishing the right habits.