Purpose drives motivation. Motivation unleashes your energy and unlocks your full potential. You are energised when you do things that give you meaning; getting up enthusiastically in the morning, being passionate, tackling challenges, energising others, going home satisfied.


You and your job are like two companions on a seesaw. If both of you are at similar weight, it will be fun. Should one or the other be much heavier, the balance is lost. A loss of balance between you, your expectations, your skills, your motivators on the one side and reality, tasks given to you, challenges from your work environment on the other side, will lead to dissatisfaction.

You have three basic choices to deal with this imbalance: accept, change or leave

Starting with an exercise we will then look at these options in more detail.

Motivation Drivers

We are going to start with an exercise that will help you become more conscious of your motivation drivers to improve your job satisfaction. Learn more


You might be happy with your job or only unhappy with a few things that you’d like to change. In that case there is a lot that can be done. Learn more


Change yourself, your skills or your responsibilities. This can make a profound difference even in the same job and it list in your hands. Learn more


If all else fails, the best option might be to leave your current job and find a better one. And that starts with changing your mindset. Learn more


The tips to improve your job satisfaction are increasing in the effort that you have to invest to change the situation. It is important to not  be intimidated by that.