Based on our tips on the previous pages we are introducing a simple but powerful tool to change your eating habits.


Here is a sample six-month program that tackles common bad eating habits and uses a simple tool to change them slowly.

Every four weeks we will be changing three bad eating habits. Two of the three habit changes are already listed in the suggestions below. For the third make a list of your five worst eating habits. We will include one habit each month to change.

Tick it off -Print out the diet changer tracker and tick off the boxes over time. Reward yourself if you achieve a score of six of seven per week for each goal. The reward can be something bad to eat or a small present for yourself. It is very important to have a reward and to look forward to it. It’s part of the habit change loop!

As you can see the changes will happen slowly as they go for two months each. This increases success chances dramatically compared to change-overnight approaches that fail after a few weeks of success.

Alternatively, you can use a mobile app for tracking your progress. Just enter the above changes into it. Feel free to modify the eating habits you want to change or the sequence to your needs.

The right time to eat is just before you get hungry. If you don’t know already when that is, observe yourself for the next few days. It is likely at similiar times each day.


Change any of the suggestions below for something more promising or more suitable for you! Also, take the old items off your shopping list and put the new items on it.


Diet change tracker template


1st month

  • Low GI bread instead of white bread
  • No white carbs past 5pm
  • Your worst eating habit


2nd month

  • Replace all candies / chocolate with fruit
  • Have a healthy snack, vegetables or fruit, 30 minutes before lunch
  • Your #2 bad eating habit


3rd month

  • Have healthy breakfast (check cereal for sugar content)
  • Replace all high GI carbs with low GI products not just carbs
  • Your #3 bad eating habit


4th month

  • Maximum one meal a week in a fast food restaurant or take away
  • Replace fatty foods like butter, fatty meat with lean products
  • Your #4 bad eating habit


5th month

  • Replace most red meat with fish
  • Have at least one serving of salad and two servings of fruit
  • Your #5 bad eating habit

6-months diet


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By Murat Uenlue, PhD, PMP, 2013.