TSM_PE_DietAndEnergyThe positive impact of a good diet on health has been known for a long time. The positive effect on performance is well researched when it comes to athletes. The impact on time management is less researched and was surprising to me.

Our diet is a product of our eating habits which may reach as far back as childhood. Once established you may have never made a conscious attempt to change them. Since our diets are based on eating habits, changing habits is the right point of attack.

Habits are deeply engrained, hence you will not be able to change them overnight. The key challenge is to go through a period of changing habits. To make this change simple, the tips presented change very little at any given time.

Steady Energy Diet

A few common knowledge tips can helps you improve your energy levels throughout the day, and in particular avoid the energy dips. Learn more

3 Key Habits for a Good Diet

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2 Key Habits for Losing Weight

In my opinion losing weight boils down to two key habits, one of which is to never try to lose weight(!) How this is the only way it works? Learn more

Half-year diet change program

Stretching a diet program over half a year requires very little change at any given time plus makes sustainable change much more likely. Learn more