Fundamental Time Management skills summary

This time management info graphic summarises our tips

This time management info graphic summarises our tips from the previous articles on fundamental time management skills.

Info graphic plan your time


The most important task

The “Most Important Task” of the day is seen as one of the key tips on time management. Experts like Brian Tracy of David Allen keep on recommending this tip over and over. Check out our popular and entertaining presentation on this topic.

Success story to time management from Murat Uenlue

Learn more about time management skills

Check out our main article on time management or one of the specialised articles in this mini series.

Info graphic Eisenhower matrix
Info graphic weekly schedules
Info graphic to-do systems

If you want to know more about prioritisation and are interested in a very different approach, check out our key article: a step-by-step guide on Prioritisation (click this link).


By Murat Uenlue, PhD, PMP, 2013.