A Positive Attitude is at the Heart of Leadership!


“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” – Marcus Aurelius, 121-180 A.D.


It has been true for the last 2000 years and longer. Even the Romans knew that happiness comes from inside. How we see the world around us, determines how we feel. How we feel guides our actions. Control your perception and change your experience.

Attention - Glass half-full or glass half-empty? It is often what you focus on that makes you feel a certain way. For a day focus on all the positive things around you. You will find that there is more than you would have realised if you hadn’t been looking for it. You see what you focus on. What you focus on habitually will drive your perception. Shifting your attention to positive things, you will start reprogramming your brain.

Anticipate - The way we see reality will shape how we anticipate the future. What we anticipate will fuel or block us. Expecting to fail is like driving and expecting to have an accident on the way. Expecting nothing is like driving without a destination. Dale Carnegie and many other motivational authors tell us how positive thinking is the first step to embarking on a journey that can change our lives. Have your destination in mind and you will work towards it. It will motivate you. It will guide you. It will inspire you. And it will challenge you.


“Happiness is like jam. You can’t spread even a little without getting some on yourself.” – Anonymous


The more you share the more you get - Share your cake with a hundred others, and you’ll be lucky to get a few crumbs of the base. Share positivity with others and you get an entire cake. Once you have adopted a positive attitude for yourself start spreading. Emotions work differently from material things. The more you share, the more of the same you get in return. Negativity will draw negativity. Positivity will draw positivity.

You don’t need to jump up and down like a clown to spread happiness. Behave normally. Taking the time for simple things like expressing appreciation more often, celebrating small successes, expressing faith and hope in others’ abilities, show interest in other’s ideas and forgiving will go a long way in our fast-paced environment.

Talk, Listen, Care, Mentor - Tell others about your hobbies, your family, your passion and find common interests. Take the time to listen or just show that you care. Mentor new colleagues and set the seed for them to take care of the next new person. You will start a positive cycle and strengthen your bonds with your colleagues, friends and family.

Gratitude exercise or color your glasses rose

Glass half full or half empty? Many people think we are born with a tendency towards optimism or pessimism. While this may be true, it is also true that you can change how you view things. If you tend to see the glass-half-empty, here is a very simple exercise that will help you to see the world in a more positive light.

Every evening write down three good things that happened. Enjoyed lunch with a colleague? Someone gave you a compliment on your work? A stranger smiled at you? It was great weather and you enjoyed walking in the park?

Also, three times a day do one of the following: show appreciation, celebrate small successes, express faith and hope in others’ abilities, show interest in other’s ideas or forgive.

Two things will happen when you do this exercise:

1 One, you will be surprised how much we forget. Review your notes of the week on a Friday afternoon. You will be surprised how much you had already forgotten.

2Two, over time you will realise how much we miss to notice, if we are not tuned into looking out for positive things.

Over a few weeks you will find your mind tunes into watching out for positive things around. There might be a time where you suddenly realise how much you must have missed just because you were not focusing on the positive.

Like the star-spangled night sky, reality is sprinkled with positive things. Once you tune your mind to it, you will see it naturally.

Positive experience
15 May Thanked Carl for his contribution to completing our project milestone.
15 May Called my brother. It was nice to talk to him.
15 May Went to lunch with my project team. It was a gorgeous day.
16 May Bill’s code failed again in the test-run. Encouraged him to not give up.

Positive Attitude ebook


Gratitude exercise info graphic


In the early 1900s, Benjamin Zander reports, two British salesmen have been sent to Africa to assess opportunities for selling shoes to the indigenous population. Upon realising the Africans weren’t wearing shoes, each of them wrote a telegram to their companies:

One texted: “Situation hopeless, they don’t wear shoes.”

The other texted: “Golden opportunities, they don’t have shoes.”

Guess who sold more shoes?

I am what I pay attention to
Winifred Gallagher – Rapt: Attention and the focussed life

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