Improve Your Communication Skills


Our work environments increasingly require to work in teams and interact with others. Globalisation, technology and the sheer pace of tasks and projects intensifies the need for communication. Compare this to just ten years ago. Negative interactions can significantly reduce your performance. Did you ever lose focus after an annoying conversation with a colleague?

At school we learn algebra, geography and history. But we never learn how to consciously hold critical conversations or listen. Thus our communication skills form during childhood and evolve only slowly or even stagnate. Improve on your communication skills like any other skill.


Learn how to improve communication skills, how to hold difficult conversations, communicate positively and improve your listening skills now.

Effective communication
Active listening
Reading body language
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~~~ Start with the right attitude ~~~

The biggest mistake in both listening and holding conversations is to have false motives or apply these techniques to manipulate others. Use the techniques with the right intentions. You will find it will change you, change the way you value conversations and how you value other’s viewpoints. And you will find that we do not only communicate to exchange information but also to nurture relationships.

Both skills listening and holding crucial conversations require you to get your head right first. In particular in high-risk conversations most of what we say and hear is based on our preconceptions. Thus, we miss out on opportunities to learn more about the other person. Keep your mind free from assumptions and take information in as a new piece of a freshly-started jigsaw puzzle rather than a piece that must fit into the last slot left.

As you develop your listening and conversation skills you will find that you have to base all your interactions on the fundamental assumption that sharing information adds value to all involved.


By Murat Uenlue, PhD, PMP, 2013.